Wedding flower services

Our wedding Flower Services

1. The initial Wedding Flower consultation
Please contact us to arrange your wedding flower consultation to discuss your flower style, colour palette, budget and everything relating to your wedding flowers.

If you are not in Dunedin we will forward you our Online Wedding Information Doc

2. Wedding Flower Quote
We will email your itemised quote covering all the information discussed at your initial consultation. This quote is by no means fixed and we are happy to work with you to prioritise to suit your budget and discuss any new ideas.

3. Booking Confirmation and Deposit
To confirm your booking, we ask you to sign our Terms and Conditions that accompany your quote and to pay a deposit. If you are not in Dunedin it is still best to secure your date while we work towards an itemized quote.

4. Flower Confirmation
We arrange a follow up consultation in person or by phone a month before your wedding to confirm flowers and make any changes before we order your flowers.

5. Flower Viewing
A few days before your wedding we offer you the chance to visit our studio to view your flowers and finalise any details regarding pick up etc

6. Your Wedding Day
Your beautiful wedding flowers are either picked up from our shop/studio or delivered and installed by us as arranged.

Contact us now to arrange your wedding flowers.

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