Estelle flowers is closed from the 23rd December 2016 and will re-open for orders and deliveries on 8th January 2017.


Check Us Out On Insiders Dunedin May 16 2014


Get to know us a little better with this beautiful article about Estelle Flowers featured on Insiders Dunedin. We're so pleased with the stunning photography by Motion Sickness Studios that shows off the store perfectly. Enjoy the whole article here

Introducing my local dahlia grower... April 15 2014


Introducing my local dahlia grower; Neville Mercer aka 'Neville Dahlias'. Apparently dahlias weren't fashionable when he started growing them ( there are now 4800 different varieties..) so I asked Neville why he chose to grow dahlias and he said 'really they grew on me'. 

Neville has gained 50 prizes in 5 years, 'cleaning up' at the local shows and now the self confessed dahlia 'freak' has 100 different varieties of dahlias growing around his house. He also grows the best white gladioli I have ever seen.

Neville Dahlias was a jewelry wholesaler by trade... 

It's florist heaven to hand pick your own flowers. Every time I go to Neville's there is something even more beautiful to see. The good thing about dahlias for a florist is that they can be pretty sweet or crazy vibrant, therefore there is a dahlia for almost every occasion.

With names like Gemma Darling and Nuit d éte, what is there not to like?

With names like Gemma Darling and Nuit d éte, what is there not to like?

Alas the dahlia season has finished in Dunedin; mid January until mid April. I have used dahlias a lot in this summers weddings & events with the peachy and dark plum colors the most coveted by brides. 


Special thanks to Neville Mercer.